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Parents on the go require one very important accessory: a carry all, no-nonsense diaper bag. For years, the brand Petunia Pickle Bottom has delivered that and their newest style, the Cinch Convertible Backpack, is no exception. This versatile diaper bag has near endless pockets and all the details every parent appreciates, like an extra-wide opening, insulated compartment, D-rings for stroller attachment and adjustable straps. If you are in the market for your first diaper bag, an upgrade, or merely a fresh style for your collection, Petunia Pickle Bottom’s Cinch Convertible Backpack just might be the perfect fit for you.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Cinch Convertible Backpack Review: A Cinch to Carry

To say i have been around the block when it comes to diaper bags is a bit of an understatement. I have owned and used budget-friendly bags, hand-me-downs, backpacks, crossbody styles, totes not marketed as diaper bags, vegan bags, leather ones, high-end options, and everything in between.

Through different seasons (from one baby to now five children!) i have looked for different features and, if i am being completely honest, i like changing my bag up for a different look here and there.

All that to say, i know diaper bags. I know what is an essential feature and i know what is a decent bonus. I know what withstands daily use and i know what holds its value. So, i am thrilled to introduce truly mama readers to one of the latest and greatest diapers bags on the market. The petunia pickle bottom cinch convertible backpack darn near has it all on my personal diaper bag “checklist” and i think you too will find it to be a great consideration for your out and about carry all.

“when investing in a diaper bag i always like to ask myself, ‘will i choose to carry this bag when i am not with my kids?’ and ‘will this be used beyond the diaper days?’ with the petunia pickle bottom cinch convertible backpack the answer is a resounding: yes.”

Pros & Cons


  • Large capacity
  • nsulated pocket
  • Three carry options


  • Higher price point
  • May get heavy
  • Some accessories not included

Petunia Pickle Bottom Cinch Convertible Backpack Review

At first glance, you will recognize that the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cinch Convertible Backpack is a true beauty. It doesn’t scream “diaper bag,” which is always a preference of mine. I mean, if I am going to carry a bag filled with diapers and wipes and nursing pads and snacks all day every day I want it to meld with my accessory aesthetic.

When investing in a diaper bag I always like to ask myself, “Will I choose to carry this bag when I am not with my kids?” and “Will this be used beyond the diaper days?” With the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cinch Convertible Backpack the answer is a resounding: “yes.”

With a tech sleeve that perfectly fits my laptop on the inside I can easily transition this bag to a versatile backpack, travel carry-on, or work tote, and thanks to the neutral colorways like midnight and pewter, it really looks more purse than a themed baby accessory.

Here are some must-know stats on this bag:

  • 15 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 7 inches deep
  • Worn as a backpack or carried as an over the shoulder tote
  • Can hook onto a stroller bar with D-rings and stroller clips
  • Faux leather material is water resistant and super easy to clean

In fact, the interior is also water resistant and thus can withstand any spills or mishaps that inevitably happen throughout parentage. Most of all, I love the pockets! The more pockets the better if you ask me!

Why a Convertible Style Matters

Now, as i mentioned, i have quite the history with a variety of diaper bags and i cannot emphasize enough how nice it is to have a bag that allows for more than one carry option. Flexibility means you have the option to reconfigure how you are carrying everything.

For instance, sometimes you’ll have a little one strapped to your front in a baby carrier and need a backpack option. Other times you’ll be fine with a quick carry option and you will toss your bag over your shoulder. And then there is the long haul when you are pushing a stroller and choose to utilize the d-rings and stroller clips.

Having a diaper bag that will ebb and flow with the day’s calling makes carrying that much easier. Plus, i have found that my partner and older children are much more apt to tote along our family’s things when they can wear it like a backpack versus a purse.

A Closer Look Inside

As much as the exterior look and feel matters with a diaper bag, it’s the inside that does the real heavy lifting in my opinion. Here are some other features inside that I love

Spacious and roomy

It has a large, spacious cavity with a wide neck, which means not only can you get into the bag easily, but you can also rummage around and find exactly what you need without feeling like you are digging into an abyss. No more lost pacifiers or applesauce pouches with this gem!

Laptop organization and more

Inside, the petunia pickle bottom cinch convertible backpack has a padded laptop sleeve that will comfortably house a 17’ laptop, a large back magazine pocket, and two additional interior pockets.

Basically, you can organize to your heart’s content. The main compartment is even designed for a bonus petunia pickle bottom product—the inter-mix deluxe grid caddy—which provides even more organization.

Diaper ready

The bag also includes both a coordinating wipe case and a PEVA-lined changing pad making it ready to pack with your diaper bag essentials and use right away. After all, the point of a diaper bag is to change diapers, right?

An Outside Tour

While I love the internal features of this bag, the outside also has plenty to offer. Here’s what you’ll find:

Gimme all the pockets

Pockets are crucial to a diaper bag and this one has plenty. There’s a zippered insulated pocket has two deep compartments for bottles or snacks as well as a top exterior pocket for parenting essentials. It’s the pocket that I always look for in a diaper bag as it is my preference to keep my keys and phone easily accessible.

Functional straps

The straps on the petunia pickle bottom cinch convertible backpack are also worth mentioning. The shoulder strap is padded for comfort and the backpack straps fully adjust for a custom fit. It also has a trolley sleeve for secure transportation when you have a suitcase in tow.

I’m also a big fan of the permanently attached d-rings which allow you to connect the bag to stroller clips (an add-on product available through petunia pickle bottom and other retailers) when utilizing a buggy.

It’s a cinch

And, we can’t leave out the “cinch” component of the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cinch Convertible Backpack! Not only does it add a chic and styled look to the bag, but it adds a touch of security. I so appreciate that the cinch actually has a function versus mere looks.

Before You Buy

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Cinch Convertible Backpack has all the features a parent could want in a diaper bag, but you should be aware that the price point is on the higher end when it comes to diaper bags. Plus, to fully embrace the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cinch Convertible Backpack’s potential, you will need to purchase the Inter-Mix Deluxe Grid Caddy and stroller clips.

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