The 10 Best Lululemon Leggings Ever, According to Reviews


There are leggings—and then there are Lululemon leggings. The latter inspires a rabbit hole of Reddit threads dedicated to solving the mystery behind why the best Lululemon leggings are, well, the best. The stretchy workout gear has sustained such feverish loyalty that few dare question the hype. Never mind the technical fabrics or high-performance cuts—all it takes is slipping into a pair of Align IIs or Wunder Unders to concede that yes, Lululemon does in fact make some of the best running and yoga pants on the planet.

Tempted as you might be to add the first black pair to cart, Lululemon offers a range of leggings (Fast & Free! Align! Wunder Under!) for specific fits, feels, and workout needs. With so many options to sift through—and a price point that requires a keener eye—the checkout button can feel miles away. But honest-to-God reviews can be the guiding light when you can’t tell the difference between the Nulus and the Luons.

You know (and we know) that nothing makes you feel like your truest self than leggings that hug you in all the right places, so we combed through hundreds of reviews to see which of Lululemon’s most popular styles deliver. From a pair of capris with minimal seams to a flared fit that’s on point for lounging, shop the 12 best Lululemon leggings below.

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Best Overall Leggings: Align Pants, II 25″

Key selling points: Buttery soft, weightless, and an exceptionally thick waistband—what’s not to love about the Align II? It comes in three lengths, but the 25-inch inseam nails the elusive sweet spot between capris and full-length leggings. The site says this style is perfect for yoga, but going through its nearly 6,000 five-star reviews, it seems customers do everything in them (napping included).

What customers say: “I have many pairs of these leggings, [and these are] totally worth the price. They feel so soft and light, sometimes it feels like you’re not wearing anything! I wear them casually and for pilates, and they work perfectly for both.” —Gabs327, reviewer on Lululemon


Best for Lounging, Walking, or Doing Yoga: Align High-Rise Pants, 28″

Key selling points: All the goodness of the Align leggings but cut with a 28-inch inseam. The Nulu fabric feels like second skin, doesn’t lose its shape (thanks to the added Lycra fiber), and makes for great workhorse leggings in warmer months.

What customers say: “Amazing for pregnancy, leisure, and exercise. I was recommended these leggings by several fellow pregnant friends—I was skeptical, but they are truly magical. The material is lightweight, the waistband is extremely flexible and comfortable, and even though these are not specifically designed for pregnant women, they are a complete game-changer for me during pregnancy. I look forward to continuing to wear them even after pregnancy—for exercise and just hanging around in comfy, cute athletic clothes!” —Christina, reviewer on Lululemon


Best for Running: Fast and Free Tights II, 25″

Key selling points: Made from a lightweight (but not sheer), quick-drying fabric, the Fast & Free Tights are a popular option for high-intensity workouts. They don’t show sweat, and the waistband hugs in nicely without cinching like a corset. The Nulux fabric (think Nulu feel but more supportive) is cool to the touch, and despite having more seams across the thigh and shin area, these still deliver the “weightless coverage and unrestricted movement” that Lululemon tights are so often praised for. The roomy side and waistband pockets are functional but discreet details that allow you to store essentials like a credit card, phone, and house keys.

What customers say: “These are my favorite running leggings. Love the compression and the pocket for my phone!” —Rebecca, reviewer on Lululemon


Best for Sweaty Workouts: Invigorate High-Rise Tights, 25″

Key selling points: If sweaty runs or circuit training is part of your daily routine, you’ll love the Invigorate leggings. They’re made of the brand’s signature Everlux fabric (translation: Fast-drying and beyond stretchy) and have a high waistband with thin ankle cuffs, so nothing budges mid-squat.

What customers say: “Yayyyy no pulling or tugging! Just finished my HIIT workout, and these pants were great. I’m normally pulling and tugging my pants back up during my workout but not this time. They were also great for my Spin warm-up/cool-down and didn’t restrict my leg movements. I will definitely invest in more pairs.” —Pinkeboni716


Best for Petites: Lululemon Align High-Rise Crop Leggings, 23″

Key selling points: One of the not-so-pleasant realities of being petite is that cropped leggings rarely look cropped on us. Luckily, Lululemon knows this and answered shorties’ prayers with its 23-inch inseam leggings. This best seller is chef’s kiss perfect for shorter legs, featuring a high-rise waistband that sits snugly over your hips without rolling. (FTR, there’s even a 17-inch and a 21-inch option if you want more of a capri look than a traditional ankle or 7/8 style.) Oh, and the best part? They come in 15 other colors. Bless up.

What customers say: “Perfect length for petites. These are so freakin’ comfortable and feel like butter, yet have good compression at the same time. They are extremely high-waisted though so beware if that’s not your thing. I also discovered that the 23″ crop is the perfect length for me, I’m 5’2″, and they hit me just above the ankle so definitely recommend for the shorter crowd (and $10 cheaper!) I would say they are true to size as well.” —K Guti, reviewer on Lululemon


Best Leggings With Pockets: Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant with Pockets 25″

Key selling points: Obviously, the pockets! But, outside of the handy component, these buttery soft leggings are designed with Lululemon’s classic Nulu fabric. They’re so seamless and fit like a glove.

What customers say: “I love these tights and do everything in them: Runs, yoga, strength training, walks, and errands. They’re so buttery soft, and I love the addition of the pockets. At 5’3″, the 25″ length hits exactly where I want on my ankles.” —Neens, reviewer on Lululemon


Best Fleece Leggings: Lululemon Base Pace High-Rise Fleece Tights 28″

Key selling points: Fleece-lined leggings? Say less. This cherry red pair is not only great for brightening up the mood on a gray-skied day, but the tech fleece fabric is ideal for keeping your internal temperature at an optimal level while you’re exercising outdoors during the colder months. P.S.: The water-repellent fabric also dries super fast, in case you get caught in the rain mid-run.

What customers say: “I do a lot of HIIT type workouts and strength training, and these come above the belly button and stay in place. The material is nice and light and keeps you cool.” —Allison, reviewer on Lululemon


Best for Tall People: Lululemon Align High-Rise Pants, 31″

Key selling points: Long-limbed ladies, these are for you. Expect the same smoothness and stretch as the O.G. Align II leggings, except with a longer inseam that hits just below the ankle—and is ideal for people with longer legs (we’re talking 5’8″ plus) who don’t want their ankles to freeze during the winter.

What customers say: “I am 5’9″ and all legs. I have to remember to size up with the regular Lulus, and still I have to constantly pull up the waist. These are perfect for me at my normal size! The material is even yummier than the regular Lulus. Love these! Thank you!” —Lisa Charlotte, reviewer on Lululemon

Best Flared Leggings: Lululemon Groove Super-High-Rise Flared Pants Nulu


Key selling points: Come for the early-aughts flare crop, stay for the super-high-rise waist and leg-lengthening silhouette that’ll effortlessly take you from a workout on your yoga mat to a croissant and coffee in the park. Heads up: The inseam on these flared leggings is long, so if you’re on the petite side, may we suggest this wide-leg crop instead?

What customers say: “Holy moly! I fell in love as soon as I put these buttery-soft pants on! Thank you for finally restocking! I am 5’9″ with a long torso, and these are the perfect length. Must buy, ladies! Excuse me while I live in these for the next few months.” —Miss Angie, reviewer on Lululemon


Fastest-Drying Leggings: Wunder Train High-Rise Tight 25″

Key selling points: Like many other Lululemon leggings on this list, this style comes in an array of fun colors, including this vibrant magenta. What really makes these stand though is the fabric, which is both sweat-wicking and temperature-regulating—ideal for cardio-intensive activities where you know overheating is a possibility. There’s also a hidden drawstring inside the waistband to secure the fit, making it a solid pick for workouts that involve lots of jumping up and down (ahem, burpees).

What customers say: “I don’t have any problems with them sliding down or having to adjust them mid-workout. I’m a cycling instructor and have so many pairs of these! They never give me an issue.” —Krissy, reviewer on Lululmo

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