Cupshe Swimsuit Review: An Honest Review on Cupshe Swimwear


So you’ve seen Cupshe swimsuits advertised all over the internet but you’re a little suspicious. Can swimwear that cost so little actually be good quality, fit, and worth purchasing? And how do they look on someone who isn’t stick thin like the website? Well, I have an average body type and I’ve tried over 8 different Cupshe swimsuits. Here’s how they look and my honest Cupshe swimwear review!

About Cupshe swimwear

When Cupshe reached out to me to send me some of their swimsuits I had a look at their website and was immediately suspicious. Every single bathing suit was under $30. This immediately sent warning signs that everything I would receive would be cheap, poorly made, awful quality, and would most likely only fit someone with the frame of a twig. But, considering they were sending me swimsuits for free to try out and I would literally lose nothing if I ended up not liking them. So I decided to give them a try so I could give you all my honest Cupshe swimsuit review. And man, am I glad I did.

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to try out numerous Cupshe swimsuits which I’ve worn all over the world. Every trip I go on I pack at least one of my Cupshe swimsuits. They’ve honestly become some of my favourite swimsuits! Looking to get yourself a new swimsuit for your next trip? Here’s my Cupshe swimsuit review including 7 reasons why you should try out Cupshe!

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Cupshe swimsuits are incredibly affordable

Of course the first thing I had to mention in my Cupshe review is the price. Every single swimsuit on the Cupshe website is under $30 (and most are closer to $25) which means you can STOCK UP without breaking the bank. Before Cupshe I probably only had 4-5 swimsuits total. Now, I currently have over 10 Cupshe swimsuits alone and I won’t be stopping anytime soon! I love how Cupshe swimsuit are so affordable you can own a lot of them without any guilt. It’s been great finally being that girl who has a variety if swimsuits to wear on vacation!

The swimsuit below is my current second favourite of all the Cupshe swimsuits I own. I love the contrast of the stripes and the florals, and I love the bright colors! It was honestly the perfect swimsuit to bring to Miami.

Shop my swimsuit here

Shop my favourite Cupshe floral swimsuits

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Cupshe has so many incredible bathing suit styles

Next up in my Cupshe review is style! Whether you’re looking for a swimsuit that’s cute, sexy, or even sporty Cupshe has so many great styles under each category. Cupshe has swimsuits in all sorts of fun patterns, cuts, colors and prints and they’re constantly adding new ones!

Although the floral bathing suit with the plunging neckline I’m wearing here is currently sold out, I’ve linked some similar ones that are currently available on Cupshe’s website below! I’ve also included my favourite floral swimsuits from their website that are currently in stock.

Shop Similar Cupshe Swimsuits

Shop my Favourite Pink Cupshe Swimsuits

Use code IGkirstenwendlandt to get 10% off your order of $40 or more on the Cupshe website

Cupshe has free standard shipping on all swimsuits!

Even though Cupshe swimsuits are already super affordable you can also get standard shipping for free. The Cupshe standard shipping is 7-10 days for those located in the United States. If you’re located in Canada they offer free expedited shipping if you spend $40 or more. Their expedited shipping is 6-8 business days and otherwise only costs $3 if you are under the free shipping limit!

You can check out Cupshe’s international shipping terms here

This orange and white bow-knot one piece swimsuit from Cupshe has been a crowd favourite. I even did a vote between it and 3 other bathing suits I own (some costing over $200) and it came in first place! It’s an ultra-flattering swimsuit and I just love the colorblock design. I’ve linked this swimsuit below plus some of my favourite Cupshe colorblock swimsuits available now.

Shop the Swimsuit

Shop my favourite Cupshe colorblock swimsuits

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Cupshe bathing suits fit true to size

Sizing for bathing suits has always been a huge concern of mine so I thought this was important to include in this Cupshe review. I can wear anything from a small all the way up to a large depending on the brand! Cupshe’s one piece swimsuits fit true to size. I wear a medium in their swimsuits and I’m usually a medium or size 8 in clothing. I was a little concerned when I first ordered them because often the size chart for cheap clothing brands will say I fit one size but then it arrives and I clearly needed a bigger size. But that hasn’t been an issue with Cupshe swimwear! Every bathing suit I’ve ordered has matched the size guide and has fit perfectly!

The only issue I will point out is that the bikini pieces are not sold separately so if you usually wear a different top size than bottom I would maybe stick to the one pieces.

The blue and white striped ruffle one piece I’m wearing here gives me all the retro nautical vibes. I absolutely adore the fit and the ruffle detail! I’ve linked it below as well as some of my other favourite Cupshe ruffle swimsuits.

Shop my Swimsuit

Shop my favourite Cupshe ruffle swimsuits

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Cupshe swimsuits are surprisingly great quality

Quality is an important consideration when purchasing clothing and I had to highlight this in my Cupshe review! I was really concerned when ordering that the quality of Cupshe’s swimsuits would be sub par. Let’s be honest, the quality of most of the clothing sold from cheap foreign made suppliers can be pretty awful, and when you’re only paying $25 for a swimsuit you can’t expect too much. When I received my first package from Cupshe which had 3 swimsuits in it I was so surprised to find out that the swimsuits are actually really well made for the price. Sure, they aren’t going to be comparable to a swimsuit you spend $200 on but Cupshe swimsuits are all sturdy, well lined, and built to last!

The Eve one piece scalloped swimsuit I’m wearing here is my absolute FAVOURITE Cupshe swimsuit. It’s such a flattering cut and I just love the scalloped detail. I was a little concerned about it being see through because it’s white but it’s really well lined and not see through at all when wet!

Shop the swimsuit

Shop my favourite Cupshe scalloped swimsuits

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Cupshe has a pretty amazing return policy on all swimwear

One of my biggest concerns when ordering anything online is the return policy. Some online retailers make you pay for the shipping for returns which is just awful! Cupshe offers free returns and 100% money back guarranteed. All you have to do is email them and let them know you would like to return the item and they will send you a shipping label. As long as the bathing suit is returned within 30 days you’ll get your money back. Their easy return policy means you never have to worry about whether you’ll like something you’ve ordered or not since it’s super easy to deal with returns.

You can check out Cupshe’s return and exchange policy for yourself here

The Street Chic lace-up one piece I’m wearing here in Australia is actually one of the first Cupshe swimsuits I tried on. I just love the flattering cut and the tie up sides.

Shop the swimsuit

Shop my favourite Cupshe striped swimsuits

Use code IGkirstenwendlandt to get 10% off your order of $40 or more on the Cupshe website

Cupshe has a great selection of beautiful plus-sized swimsuits

As much as it’s completely unfair there are a lot of bathing suit brands out there that don’t offer plus sized options which is why I had to include this point in my Cupshe review. Cupshe swimwear has amazing plus-sized options that come in the most adorable and ultra-flattering styles. This is one of my favourite thing about Cupshe, they’re totally inclusive and make flattering and affordable swimwear for all!

Shop the swimsuit

Shop my favourite Cupshe plus sized swimsuits

Use code IGkirstenwendlandt to get 10% off your order of $40 or more on the Cupshe website

This adorable floral print swimsuit with the plunging neckline and ruffle detail is one of the first Cupshe swimsuits I received. Unfortunately it is no longer available but I’ve linked some of my favourite Cupshe plunging neckline swimsuits below!

Shop my favourite Cupshe plunging neckline swimsuits

As you can see from this post I’m a pretty big fan of Cupshe! Although this is not a sponsored blog post I have received quite a few complimentary Cupshe swimsuits over the last year and have loved them so much that I really wanted to share an honest Cupshe review with you. Not only are Cupshe swimsuits super affordable, but they offer tons of styles that are flattering for any body type and great return policies should you not love what you buy. If you’re looking to buy a couple swimsuits for your next beach vacation without breaking the bank then I definitely recommend Cupshe!

Use the code IGkirstenwendlandt to get 10% off your order of $40 or more on the Cupshe website!

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Have you tried Cupshe swimwear yet? What are some of your favourite Cupshe swimwear styles?

With love, Kirsten

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