TBdress Review – Is TBdress Legit?


Planning for a special event, like a prom or wedding, can get expensive when you need to purchase a new gown.

Online retailers like TBdress are trying to fill in the gap by offering inexpensive clothing options for those who aren’t looking to spend a small fortune.

While the prices seem appealing, many are wondering if these cheap dresses for women are coming from reputable sources. They are asking an incredibly important question: Is TBdress legit?

AdvisoryHQ has been noticing a lot of interest in these cheap wholesale clothing outlets from consumers. Is it safe to buy dresses online through these outlets? What do the TBdress reviews have to say about the reputation of the sellers?

Should you consider downloading the TBdress app to do even more shopping? In our own TBdress review, we’ll take a look at this source for inexpensive women’s clothes to determine whether or not TBdress is legit.

What Type of Wholesaler is TBdress?

Before we can accurately assess the question, “Is TBdress legit?” we first need to know some background information on the company itself. Who is TBdress? Where do the cheap clothes for women that it sells come from?

TBdress is an online retailer that offers cheap wholesale clothing in a variety of categories: men’s apparel, shoes, and accessories as well as women’s tops, bottoms, and dresses.

It is perhaps best known for its cheap dresses for women, of which it carries a tremendous selection. When you buy dresses online through TBdress or through the TBdress app. You can choose from cocktail dresses, evening gowns, prom dresses, and even wedding dresses at steeply discounted pricing.


Like many of the up-and-coming clothing sites that feature cheap dresses for women, TBdress is based out of mainland China.

Specifically, the company is located in the major city of Beijing. It promises to ship the items you purchase by air or through the couriers DHL or UPS. TBdress does offer cheap wholesale clothing that you can purchase in bulk for resale. But it can also drop ship single items directly to customers when ordered through the site or TBdress app.

Another perk that you might want to consider when asking, “Is TBdress legit?” is that it promises a fully English-speaking staff to assist you through its customer service. If you have a question about a product, a previously placed order or a return, a customer service representative that can speak your language will be able to assist you.

Worried about ordering a TBdress item from China that may not fit you when it arrives? TBdress also offers custom-made items, from wedding gowns to ball gowns.

Enter your own measurements on the site or through the TBdress app for almost every aspect of the dress to be sure of a custom fit. The company promotes the idea that it’s never been easier to buy dresses online than through TBdress’s options for cheap dresses for women. For example, this custom-made ball gown comes in at less than $200 at the time this article was written.


Quality and TB Dress Reviews

When you order cheap clothes for women and men from this site, what exactly can you expect to receive? Inexpensive women’s clothes can sometimes be of fabulous quality, but it seems that, more often than not, the adage, “You get what you pay for” comes into play. What seems to be the case according to a quick TBdress review on quality?

For those who are able to receive their items without the headache of an insecure payment process or lost shipments, does the inexpensive clothing meet their expectations? Can they satisfactorily answer the question, “Is TBdress  legit?” when it comes to the quality of items being sold?

One TBdress review from Crowd Voice noted that the items received were “cheap knock-offs of the designer dress” that had actually been displayed on the website. The reviewer accused the site of offering inexpensive clothing replicas and of stealing the promoted dress images from the actual manufacturer’s site.

HighYa had a very similar TBdress review, stating that the cheap clothes for women are very low quality and the items received are often different than the items supposedly ordered. This same sentiment echoed time and time again from disgruntled customers who complete TBdress reviews. For those still deciding to give the site a try, what recourse does the company have for returns if customers receive low-quality items?

In broken and typo-ridden English, the TBdress return policy does offer you a full 15 days from the time of delivery to return your cheap clothes for women. In order to be returnable, you cannot remove the tags from your items. TBdress also requests that you include pictures of the packaging. Returns are subject to the approval of the customer service representatives (who hopefully speak English as promised), and refunds are supposedly issued two to seven working days after your return is received.

Which of the cheap wholesale clothing items cannot returned?

  • Lingerie and intimates
  • Swimwear
  • Jewelry
  • Beauty products

Be sure to keep the above items in mind when placing your order for inexpensive clothing. If you do decide to take the risk and order through the site or TBdress app. You may want to order an item that has the potential to be returned.

TBdress App

Some have noticed that you can purchase the site’s cheap wholesale clothing through the TBdress app as well. However, a quick investigation into the TBdress app leads us to believe that making your purchases through the TBdress app might not be a great idea either.

On the Apple iTunes Store, where you can download the TBdress app for iPhone, it displays only 22 TBdress app reviews. The Google Play Store for Android devices reveals even less information, with only four TBdress app reviews. With the lack of information available from third-party sources that monitor the TBdress app. The jury is still out on whether this could provide a safer shopping experience than what is available through the website itself. However, we would probably still advise using caution. When shopping for the inexpensive women’s clothes available through both the site and the TBdress app. There seems to be a plethora of negative complaints regarding the quality of the items received either way.

TBdress Security: Is TBdress Legit?

Is TBdress legit? When most consumers ask this question, they want to know about more than just the quality of the cheap wholesale clothing that included in most TB Dress reviews. Most consumers are concerned because of a host of security complaints. Can you trust your payment information to buy dresses online through this retailer?

First, let’s take a closer look at the privacy and security policy that listed on the company’s own TBdress review. It has an entire section under the privacy and security section dedicated to questions, entitled “Can I trust TBdress.com?” Under a similar category of frequently asked questions. The company answers that it does not store payment information and instead requests that customers make their payments directly through PayPal.

It also claims to use SSL for financial transactions and to protect your personal information. However, at the end of this section, it puts a small disclaimer: “We cannot guarantee complete security”. While it’s true that you can find a scam through any cheap wholesale clothing outlet. This doesn’t seem like the most comforting statement to include.

Information from a TBdress review on Web of Trust granted the site a score of 22 on trustworthiness and 41 for child safety (out of a possible score of 100). The reasoning behind the TBdress review rating? The site is a scam.

Another TBdress review of security from Norton Security found that some of the above statements by the site weren’t true. Is TBdress legit? Norton security would have to answer with a resounding no. Not only did it not find SSL certificate installation verification, but it also concluded that TBdress was a “scrapping” site. Scrapping sites are known for taking seals and trustmarks and falsely placing them on their websites to give consumers a false sense of security. The site also had illegal (meaning forged) Verisign certificates.


TBdress Reviews

Our TBdress review would be remiss if we didn’t include the comments and concerns of other consumers, like you, who were asking the question, “Is TBdress legit?” What did those consumers find out upon receiving their orders? Let’s take a look at what the surveys have said about the site to round out our TBdress review.

One collection of TBdress reviews from consumer poll site SiteJabber gave the company a stellar rating for its inexpensive clothing. With close to 6,500 TBdress reviews to date, the site received a 90 percent overall rating. Of the TBdress reviews combined, over 5,800 consumers gave their TBdress review a four-star rating or higher.

TrustPilot’s compilation of TBdress reviews given with a large warning. It discovered an influx of false TBdress reviews back in December of 2014. Since that time, it has removed hundreds of consumer TBdress reviews from the site to lend users a more accurate and thorough TBdress review. Less than 200 TBdress reviews remain. But TrustPilot has granted the site an overall score of 7.4 out of 10 stars.

The Better Business Bureau gave the site an F rating, even though it isn’t Better Business Bureau-accredited, based on the TBdress reviews submitted by consumers. In its TBdress review, the BBB noted that the site’s records displayed a clear history of shipment issues (customers not receiving items, receiving incorrect items or items arriving damaged) and refund issues. It also commented on the fact that the business claims to secured using SSL. GoDaddy security and Verisign verification, but those claims were found to untrue.

While it seems that there are some TBdress reviews that are positive. The overwhelming majority have a few scary things to say. Is TBdress legit? Based on the warning from TrustPilot regarding a false TBdress review. It’s possible that many of the positive TBdress reviews are also fakes. We would advise being very, very cautious when examining consumer TBdress reviews due to the amount of TBdress review manipulation that seems to be occurring across the Internet.


Is TBdress legit? Throughout our investigation and the thorough TBdress review. We have compiled for our readers at AdvisoryHQ, we would pressed to say yes.

The most pressing of the concerns regarding its inexpensive clothing and TB Dress reviews are the major security issues that have recognized through the site.

With the security concerns coupled with complaints over the quality of the site’s cheap dresses for women, it would be difficult for us to rate this website highly.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not TBdress is legit and were thinking of giving it a shot. You might want to consider spending a little more money and purchasing a better quality item more safely through a different retailer.

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