An Honest Ruggable Review


When Ruggable Rugs first hit the scene a few years ago, I didn’t think much of them. I saw Ruggable reviews and didn’t give them a second thought. Most of the reviews seemed negative in the early days and we enjoyed our hardwood floors in the old house.

Now let’s fast forward a few years. I live on a farm with animals. My two kids are like walking, talking tornado disasters that spill and smudge on everything. Our old dog developed an incontinence problem before passing away last year. Our new puppies have taken awhile to potty train. And let’s not forget about the chickens. Every once in awhile someone will wear their shoes in the living room (This is a big no for Me.) after they’ve been running around outside dealing with chickens and the yard.

The big, beautiful, plush rug we bought when we moved in here (which you can see here) was trashed and I could no longer deal with the way it smelled or felt under my feet. We threw it out and thought we would live without a rug for a while. We had done it before and could do it again.

But then, we had never done it in this house, with its dark as night hardwood floors that are impossible to keep clean.

A few weeks after getting rid of our beautiful rug, I was going crazy with the Swiffer and all the dirt that’s 100 percent visible on dark hardwood.  Any time it rained the dogs would come in and track in dirt – even after wiping their feet. Every speck of dust, of lint and spill that isn’t perfectly cleaned can be seen on these floors.

I could no longer deal with that either.

I splurged and bought a Ruggable rug. They didn’t pay me nor did they give it to me for any kind of in-kind partnership. I paid full price and because of that, I felt I could truly bring you an honest Ruggable review. Here are my thoughts:


What is a Ruggable rug?

If you haven’t heard of Ruggable before then you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Ruggable’s kind of claim-to-fame is that they are rugs you can wash. They are thin rugs made of polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier that come with a removable pad.

The pad is essentially rubber. It’s made of recycled polyester and thermoplastic rubber, which is a latex-free synthetic material that is used in making yoga mats.

The rug on top of the pad can be removed and added to the washing machine just like a blanket – including the 8×10.

They are expensive

Honestly, I was a bit blown away by their price tag. I paid around $400 for out 8×10 rug. Prior to this, all the rugs I had purchased were from Target and always somewhere just below $100. Because I have animals and because I have children, expensive rugs are not something I would have EVER considered prior to this.

I hemmed and hawed for a few weeks due to my sticker shock. I eventually clicked the button to buy because I couldn’t live with the black floors any longer. However, I do feel they are overpriced for what you get. However, if this saves me from needing to buy new rugs every year, then perhaps I’m saving money in the long term?

They are thin

For me, this is a positive and a negative with this Ruggable review. I kind of love that they are thin because they feel more like one of the vintage rugs you might find at a thrift shop. And obviously, they need to be thin to be able to wash them.

Also – obviously – due to this they aren’t as comfortable as a rug that has a heavier pile or padding. Yes, there is a rug pad that’s sold with the rugs, but that’s really more of a rubber mat. It’s 1/8 of an inch thick and there to keep the rug in place, not to make it comfortable.

I do know that Ruggable has now come out with a thicker, high pile rug in two designs. That one might be comfier to sit on.

The important thing to note here is that the top piece, the rug with the design that you will see every day, feels like a thin blanket.


They feel good

While they aren’t specifically rugs you will get cozy on, our Ruggable rug does feel good below my bare feet. It’s soft so it does make it better if you’re sitting on the ground. Both our dogs love laying on it too.


The look of our Ruggable rug

Ruggable has a lot of styles and patterns for their rugs and you can find a good mix of modern, geometric, traditional and other rug styles. That’s a big plus for anyone reading this Ruggable review. Our family room rug is the Hendesi Heriz Abalone Rug and is one of the more traditional rugs. You can find it {HERE}.

I decided to go with this one because my house is more traditional. Sure there are elements of modern things in it, but overall, our farmhouse is a pretty traditional home.

Additionally, the colors in the Hendesi rug worked well with the colors in my family room. My couches are blue/grey and my walls are a Sherwin Williams grey. Our old rug was solid grey and I didn’t want that again. I’m honestly a bit over grey and there is way too much of it happening in my family room. I appreciate that this rug brings in blue, cream and light beige.

I also considered the Delphina Delft Blue Rug and Sima Royal Blue rug to begin bring in other warm colors and elements.


The size options

In my opinion, Ruggable does not yet have enough size options. I ordered an 8×10 because it was the largest. Our old rug was much larger and we could have both of our couches sitting on it, which helped to keep them in place as well as the rug. I would have preferred a 10×12 or even a 12×14. That said, I’m not sure I would have been able to afford those rugs. Also, there might be a certain size where you can no longer put it in the washing machine, which takes away from the whole purpose.

They did just recently introduce round rugs so I know they are listening to customers when it comes to sizing.


A rug you can wash

Since we’ve only had our rug for a few weeks, I haven’t washed it yet. Oddly, the puppies have been very good about not going potty on it.

We have had a friend’s daughter spill water on it and they dried up fairly quickly. I’ll give you an update on this when we do wash it for the first time.

The edging on the rugs

I’m pointing this out because it’s something I noted and I don’t want to let this review go by without mentioning it. The trim on the rug already seems to be softening in the highest traffic area. And by that I mean it’s getting a bit fuzzy. I’m not sure what that means for the future of this rug if that trim does start to fray.

I’d love for the trim on it to be stronger. These rugs are supposed to be for high traffic homes or areas of your home and I don’t see how they can withstand that it the trim threading doesn’t hold up.


The ability to change the design

Something that’s really unique to Ruggable and a feature that I personally love is that you can buy the rug covers independent of the pads. That means, now that I have one pad, I can swap out rug covers throughout the year and change them for the seasons. You don’t have to buy a new pad each time you buy a new cover.

Then, because the covers are so thin, they fold up and easily fit in the linen closet with towels, blankets and sheets for storage.

Keep in mind the price though $170 for a new rug cover via Ruggable is again a bit of a sticker shock.


Overall Ruggable review …

Would I buy another Ruggable rug? Yes. I’m considering one for my office with the brick floor to make it more cozy looking.

Would I recommend Ruggable to you? Yes, if you can afford it and have animals, children or spouses that live for making messes.

Do I think it was worth it?

Right now yes. I’m very happy with the look and feel of the Ruggable rug. I do wish some things were different and I want to see how it goes after the first wash and I want to see how the edge threading holds up. BUT, I would buy the Hendesi rug again.


We washed the rug and I’m so pleased with how it washed! There was no additional fraying around the endges, it wasn’t wrinkled and we were able to relay it on the pad easily. Kevin has said ruggable rugs are the only ones we should buy going forward. I agree. Looking to get one for both kids’ rooms, my office and our basement remodel {CLICK HERE FOR THAT!} when it’s finished!

Thank you so much for visiting today friends! I hope that we will see you again.

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