POO-POURRI is a Must for People with CROHN’S and IBS


If you’ve experienced regular bouts of IBS then you’ve no doubt endured shame and taunts of “what did you eat?”—when you know perfectly well you ate the same thing as them. Or maybe you’ve been a guest in someone’s house and your trip to the bathroom caused an unpleasant odor to waft into other rooms until someone suggests lighting a candle. If these scenarios sound familiar, then you might be praying for relief beyond bathroom sprays that make you cough.

As a Crohn’s Disease sufferer, I can attest that Poo-Pourri and its blend of essential oils leaves a light, refreshing scent behind when sprayed on the surface of the water in the toilet (before you go, not after the deed has been done). It can comfortably withstand even the foulest of odors and leave the room smelling like roses (or in the case of the Original Citrus formula, lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass).

Poo-Pourri, which has sold more than 60 million bottles, comes in a variety of scents and offers sizes between two ounces and 16. The 9-ounce size is $17, and the 16-ounce refill containers start around $21; though it’s shampoo-sized and not intended for carrying around. Many of the scents have double entendre names to fit with the wink-wink, nudge-nudge theme of the product such as Trap-A-Crap (cedarwood and citrus), Ship Happens (coconut, freesia, and citrus), and Honey Poo (wild lotus, honey, and citrus).

What I like

The packaging is amusingly elegant


I like the front and back label on the bottle with its vision of heavenly cherubs in a garden of crowns, honeysuckle, and lilacs surrounded by toilet paper and royal seals that remind you (should you ever forget) that you are indeed taking this product to the “throne room” with you, and you are the king or queen of your domain.

It’s headache- and allergy-friendly


I like that it uses all-natural ingredients without synthetic fragrances that can cause an allergic reaction, or alcohol or aerosol components. It also avoids phthalates, which I’d never heard of. But guess what? They can be dangerous.

It’s easy to use and super effective


The bottle directs you to “spritz 3-5 sprays on the water’s surface,” and I like the pleasant smell it leaves behind after you flush. No matter how many times I use the product, it still feels miraculous. Most of all I like how it removes the shame and teasing from a natural act that happens to everyone. Foul-smelling bowels are certainly not your fault when you have a medical condition, and the relief it can convey to sufferers of “ill winds” is immeasurable.

The company gives back

I like that the company donates to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation even though that organization’s success could mean they potentially sell fewer products in the future. Poo-Pourri also gives to Stand Up to Cancer and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

What I don’t like

The cost is a bit much, depending on where you buy

If you want to buy from Amazon, the $9 dollars for two ounces seems a bit extravagant for a product that is largely water and essential oils. However some scents are currently only $5.97 if purchased directly from their sale page.

Should you buy it?


Yes. If you know you have a regular problem with extinguishing the remains of the food you eat because of medical issues like Crohn’s or Colitis. Then this really shouldn’t be much of a question, though the cost can feel like a tax on people that are already suffering.

If you avoid using public restrooms or relieving yourself at a friend’s place because of the “air up there,” then you need this for your own peace of mind. Imagine never again having to say, “Don’t go in there!”

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