Is Missguided Review Legit or Scam?


Hello! Are you a fashion-holic? Then you’ve probably across Missguided a couple of times.

They’re a household name in the fast-fashion community. Deals, great offers and cute items are plenty!

But, you’ve heard about some controversies too. If so, you’re wondering what their actual deal is!

Is Missguided legit? Fear not, I have here a full list of things about the site. You’ll learn in no time whether you should buy from them or not.

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Missguided Review


Here you will find an honest review of Missguided. After purchasing plenty of times from them, I bring this review to make sure you know what you’re buying. You’ll be sure to unpack all there is to Missguided.

I cover if they are legit, what they are like, how they work. Also the website features, content, their policies and overall customer feedback. After you finish reading this, you’ll be an expert at spotting scams. Let’s find out Missguided’s deal, no more wasting time.

What is Missguided?

Missguided is a relaiting shop holding multi chain designers. They’re a UK brand. The company’s collection includes tall, petite, plus sizes.

They hold a large line of clothing and accessories for women ranging 16-35 years of age. They claim about 150 new products hit their shelves every week. Missguided follow the fast fashion, trendy route to deliver chic and comfortable fashion items.

Is Missguided legit?


Alright, let’s get into this straight up.

Is Missguided a scam? No, they’re not going to steal your money. Your credit card won’t be charged without actually sending you an invoice.

There’s enough reviews out there to tell you they do deliver their products and are authentic in what they do.

But, are they always the best, reliable products? Perhaps no. Most customers have shown a little bit of dissatisfaction over the years, but many also praise this easy and affordable site.

In one word, they’re legit. But you have to still filter out the products you wish to buy, so the quality is good!

Missguided Features


  • Dresses: My my my. Their dresses are something everyone raves about. Starting from super casual to flowy summer dresses, or party to formal dresses. Find your fitted, perfect dress in this section. They have sweet deals and price reductions on most of their dresses. Any occasion, they probably have it covered.
  • Clothing: Clothing is a big industry now. Missguided knows it. And they formed their clothing section loaded with tops, basics, coats, inner wear, denim! So much more. They have all stylish picks and the best sellers in fast fashion. Their clothing deals are usually the talk of the internet. So, check em’ out while you’re at it!
  • Shoes and accessories: We love some good shoes on a deal. And also accessories! A dedicated section is here for shoes from sandals, stilettos, flats to formal shoes. And they have bags, jewellry, hats, phone cases or even belts! You name it. You’ll find a nice, complementing goodie from here for sure. No one walks away empty handed from this section of their site. Also, who wants to skip on some cute pair of hoop earrings?
  • Beauty: Iconic london, Maybelline, The Gypsy, L’oreal Paris- these amazing makeup lines are here for you to cop. Eyeshadows, mascara, face makeup, highlighter. Ladies, simply head on here to find your next favourite makeup purchase.
  • Sales: Their sales are talk of the internet, I told you. They have sales on literally everything. Coats, pants, sunglasses, tops, nightwear or lingeries. You wanna save money? Missguided is the place to be.
  • Playboy x Missguided: This amazing collab brings to you hand picked cool outfits. They’ll grab your attention with its neon, shimmery street style vibe. You don’t wanna miss out on them, believe me. They’re sultry, feminine and extra cool! Perfect for the ‘gram.
  • Shop by trend/occasion/fit: Yes, they also do you a favour by sectioning off like so. You can choose the exact trend you’re looking for, or occasion, or fit! Loose fitted t-shirts for a lounging day in or formal dresses for your prom? Head here, right now!
  • Summer shop: All summery items are here. That’s all I’ll say. You need to head over to see the rest of the beautiful, flowy and flowery picks.
  • Swim: Swim wear’ you cannot forget about that. The cutest bikinis, one pieces and more are sectioned here. You can choose the most appealing pair for your body type. It’ll make you glow inside out on that beach or pool side!
  • Loungewear: Lingerie, night wear. All are here for you to see and enjoy. I know they are known to have some crazy deals on this section of the site.
  • Clearance: Lastly, the clearance section has some gems too. Mostly at ridiculously low prices. Enough said. Now we must all hussle and go get our affordable pairs of goodies! Let’s go!

Missguided Website & Contact Information

Their website is a trendy one to the eye. The signature branding color of soft pink, black and white is very catching. It screams ‘Missguided’.

Missguided does a good job of catching attention, again. Their deals, discounts, sales or clearance sections have added attention.

The site is smooth to use, and if you ever face any issue with your orders, you can contact them at 020 3471 7680. You may also Twitter direct message them, or even Facebook direct message them.

They reply within 1 hour. How convenient and great is that?

Sometimes that’s what retailers need!

Missguided Promo Code:- 50% off 1000s of styles – Use Code: YAY50 – Valid Thru: 8/28

How Deos Missguided Work?


How Missguided does it is fairly simple. It’s like any other retailing shop!

We’ve heard of shops like this which sell the most trendiest pieces out there. Missguided is one of them. You simply browse through their huge selection of clothing, accessories and other fashion items.

You click to buy, apply any code you have, pay, and you’re done! The exciting goodies are going to be shipped in no time. You’ll get to don the amazing looks and achieve that sleek, edgy and cool vibe.

They also have collaborations with names such as PlayBoy! Big names out here.

Missguided Shipping and Returns Policy

Their shipping policy is as follows,

EU delivery takes 7 working days. They charge 8€. And express EU delivery takes 1-2 working days. That charges you 12€.

They also have separate shipping policies for Austria and other EU countries, you can find here.

As for their returns policy, you can get your money back in 14 days average. You have to mark on your delivery note which ones you are returning. More on this is here!

Missguided Customer Rating


Missguided has a rating of about 1.7 stars. Meaning they’re not too good.

In the past, they have been found to fool customers sometimes with stuff that doesn’t look like the photo. Many have complained things don’t fit or look right.

They also have some allegations of unethical behaviour with workers’ rights. That’s one strike down!

Ouch. But let’s be open to their changes and hope they better their qualities. Apart from some controversies around this, they’re not a bad company.

There has been really happy customers, all saying great things about them.



Alas, Missguided is revealed! Honestly, they’re not a bad site. They’re quite fun to explore.

Let’s us verge out and give Missguided a try. Cause some of their deals are simply way too lust worthy! Urgh, I can’t stop!

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