Bright Data Review: Top Features & Pricing


Bright Data Overview

Bright Data (Formerly Luminati) is a Proxy Network and Data Collection platform that you can use to extra data for your business. It can extract data from any website as per your need. While being ethical and managing all the compliance, Bright Data can be a very handy platform to help you get the much-needed data to grow your business.

With over 70 million IPs, Bright Data is one of the worlds largest proxy networks that you can use.

Let’s get to know about Bright Data in detail below.

Bright Data Top Features

  • High-Speed Servers
  • Residential Proxy Network
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Mobile IP Proxies
  • Datacenter IP
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Bright Data is a popular IP proxy provider & data collector with one of the most significant IPs in their residential network. You can get over 72 million active IPs to choose from.

The service has amazing features for proxy needs, such as collection and scrapping of any web data, unblocked proxy network, and so on.

Here’s a researched and highly detailed review of Bright Data to help you decide if this is the go-to IP proxies provider for you or not. Check it out!

Bright Data Review

High-Speed Servers

Bright Data has a network of servers that not only provide you with fast loading speeds but deliver the best possible browsing experience. This is great for people who want their video content to buffer less and load faster!

The service is one of the best residential proxy providers with top-class speeds and the best streaming support. Bright Data also offers Datacenter IPs and Mobile IP proxies.

You can get unlimited connections and intuitive customer support in any part of the world. High-speed servers give Bright Data an edge over other proxy providers.

Residential Proxy Network

Bright Data is a residential proxy service provider with dedicated IPs and mobile IP proxies.

The company offers SSL 256-bit encryption for all traffic, which means your data will be completely secure from eavesdropping. The feature makes sure that the website would never detect your ISP or location.

Bright Data Review

Proxy Browser Extension

Use the incognito mode of your browser to avoid cookies and the collection of web data. You can change location and collect data manually by using the browser toolbar.

Unlimited Connections

The service allows you to connect to unlimited websites at the same time without any speed throttling! This saves on bandwidth and makes it easy to work y while browsing other websites online.

User Experience

When customers report about their experience, they mention that high speeds make them feel like surfing in China or Japan. There are no ads, of course, because this is not public wifi!

They also mention how much more efficient things get if one person connects instead of three. It’s just like having your private VPN connection.

Bright Data can help you to collect data from any website at any scale in the format of your choice. You can automate the complete process of data collection.

This can be immensely helpful for your business to grow quickly as you will have the highly targeted data handy.

Bright Data Review

Mobile IP Proxies

A Mobile IP proxy provides you with the ability to access geo-restricted content without having to worry about connecting or disconnecting your server.

This is perfect for those who want unrestricted and unlimited internet freedom on their mobile device no matter where they are in the world!

Datacenter IP

Datacenter proxies offer faster speeds than residential ones because it’s located at a data center which allows them more bandwidth.

Other advantages include being able to use multiple devices simultaneously, strong encryption, high-speed servers, the flexibility of use, and many other great features that help you in boosting your productivity.

Ready Data Sets

Bright Data offers you ready data sets that you can use to find targeted audiences, influencers to market your business. The database is regularly updated to keep it fresh. You can get data with multiple data points. You can also custom order data as per the need of your business.

Bright Data Review

Free Trial

Those who are still not sure if Bright Data VPN proxy server suits them can take advantage of the free seven-day trial period and test it themselves without risking their financial situation or credit score in any way.

Great Customer Support

Unlike other providers, there’s a live chat available at all times, so customers will always get an answer directly from a human being within seconds if they have any questions about anything related to our services.

They’re open 24/hours per day, 365 days per year and provide help during off-hours! Their customer support is simply one of the best in the market.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bright Data proxy service providers are unlimited in terms of traffic usage. You can download, upload, and even stream without worrying about running out of the allocated amount of data you have per month with us!

With our services, your connection speed won’t slow down no matter how much data you use – it’s only limited by the internet speed that is available to you at any given time.

That being said, we don’t impose a limit on maximum monthly downloads or uploads as this would be unfair towards customers who don’t want their speeds to decrease over time but rather maintain them all year long.


Bright Data provides the user with many integrations. This enables him to use his proxy service in conjunction with any browser, antivirus, or operating system that uses it.

Integrations like Chrome Support, Chrome Extension, Opera Browser and Firefox Add-ons are available.

There is also an extension for the browser you’re using that will automatically configure your settings to use this proxy service provider.

This way, there’s no need to change any configurations or go through a manual setup process – it does everything for you!

How to Use Bright Data Proxy Service?

Here is a quick guide on how you can get started with Bright Data:

Proxy Manager With No Coding

Those who are not so tech-savvy will appreciate the Proxy Manager that is offered by this service. The manager automatically changes IP addresses through its proxy servers for you and does it without any coding on your part.

Bright Data API

Unlike many other IP service providers, Bright Data offers an API so that you can create your own software to use the service.

Change IP for Every New Chrome Session

This is a feature you’ll hardly find in. With each new Chrome session, your IP address will change automatically so that you can remain anonymous and protect your privacy when browsing the web.

Data Collector

Data is the most important aspect of any business these days. Having the right data can be a game-changer for business growth.

Bright Data gives you the tools to extract data on automation. You can extract any amount of data from any website with the Bright Data tools.

It provides a number of data collection templates that you can use to collect data for your business. It also offers you a browser extension that you can use to extract the data.

Bright Data Review

Bright Data Pricing

The list of the pricing plans is as follows:


This one is available for a reasonable price of $12.5 for each GB of data that you use. You get features like a standard proxy server, unrestricted bandwidth, and a few other major ones.


This is one of the most popular ones on the list and is priced at $10 for each GB. You can get an unlimited number of IPs, a standard proxy server, unrestricted bandwidth, and SSL encryption.


Plus is a premium pricing plan, and it costs $6 for each GB. You get a standard proxy server and unrestricted bandwidth but with higher security and SSL encryption.

You also get all the features offered in the Starter and Production pricing plans. This pricing plan is for the ones who need a higher level of security for high-end data browsing.

Bright Data Review

Other Pricing Plans

There are two enterprise pricing plans available, namely High Volume and Growth. High Volume is for those who require high-volume data, and it costs $3 per GB of data used.

Growth Pricing Plan helps in the growth of your business by connecting you to a network of over 100,000 servers around the world which means that this plan will be priced at an enterprise level.

This one would cost an organization $2 per GB. All of the pricing plans are billed monthly and can be purchased for an entire year.

Wrapping It up

We hope you have found it both informative and helpful in finding the best service for your needs.

Bright Data is undoubtedly a great proxy service option for all kinds and sizes of business needs in any part of the world. It’s cost-effective, easy to use, and packed with some amazing features.

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