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We all love to purchase what we want with the best possible deals for women clothing. If you are one of them, you can think about visiting Modlily.

It has been able to become one of the most reputed online platforms for purchasing fashionable items at affordable price tag. This Modlily review will help you to get a better understanding about Modlily and learn what you can get out of it.

What is Modlily?

00 modlily-review is a professional online fashion clothing boutique. At you will find thousands of products at unbelievable prices. If you take a look at Modlily’s site you will see a huge range of premium goods, fashion clothes and the like. is a global online boutique that is a leader in selling fashion clothing. From the moment was founded, the vision was to support people worldwide to buy and sell fashion online. If you need support with this, the company states that they are extremely suitable for this.

New products

Whoever you are and wherever you are, Modlily offers everyone the same price. Whether you’re a retailer or a customer looking for the latest products, offers lightning-fast service and great prices. At least, that’s what is stated on Modlily’s website. Modlily’s employees serve customers from virtually every country in the world and the goal is to serve everyone worldwide. The company’s vision will therefore remain unchanged. This is explicitly stated on the company’s website.

Back in the day when you wanted something new you had to get out of the house. Today you don’t even have to get out of bed, thanks to online stores. But such a convenience comes with its own quirks and twists. You’re probably skeptical about shopping at and that’s why you are looking at a couple of Modlily reviews.

Well, we have everything you need to know including the good, the bad and the ugly. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Modlily Prices

The prices differ depending on what you want to buy and your actual preferences. Let’s take a closer look at what you’d expect while shopping at Modlily.

The women’s clothing they sell including dresses average $30 a piece, with prices going as low as $10 and as high as $50. Same goes for tops, jumpsuits and outer wear. Women’s jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and the like go for anywhere between $3 and $10, but they barely surpass the $10 mark.

Swimwear average $20 and accessories including hats, bags, scarves and the like go for anywhere between $5 and $50. It seems they don’t sell women’s shoes, but you can easily find these on You can also find great deals on Men’s clothing, shoes, children’s clothing and accessories.

Modlily Refund & Return Policy

Let’s face it, crap happens. So you may need to return something or get a refund. At the time of this review, Modlily allows a 30 day window for returns and exchanges. The item has to be in the same condition you received it.

However, you can’t return items you bought under Flash Sale, and any type of jewelry. PayPal refunds take up to 3 days to happen and Credit Card refunds take at least 20 days. Just make sure that the item is unworn, untorn and unwashed. You can read their full refund policy here.

Modlily Shipping

Modlily ships worldwide. It seems they ship for free on orders above $15 if you use flat rate shipping. If you use standard shipping or expedited shipping, the cost will depend on the weight of the order. Flat rate shipping takes up to 15 working days, while standard shipping takes up to 8 business days. Expedited shipments take 3-6 business days on transit. Sounds too long? If yes, you can shop at from verified sellers and get FREE guaranteed 1-2 day Amazon Prime Delivery.

They take up to 4 days to process orders, although they claim some orders take up to 9 days to process. Once you place an order, they send you a confirmation email although you’ll have to track your order on your own. You can view the full breakdown plus eligible countries here.

Is Modlily Safe?

As much as I’d want to say Modlily is safe, I would stay away from it. Here’s why. You’ll hardly find a happy customer, on social media or otherwise. Most of them appear to have lost money one way or another. Who drives this bus anyway? And don’t even get me started on their negative BBB status.

Again, the quality of the stuff they sell, according to customers out there, is not as advertised. So, chances of you getting a half-baked deal on Modlily is quite high.

So you are probably better off shopping on Amazon where you get FREE guaranteed 1-2 day Amazon Prime Delivery. Their products are always of high quality and you don’t have to settle if you are not happy with your order.

Well, that’s all from me today. Do you have an online shopping experience with Modlily or any other online store? We would love to hear from you. Leave us a comment or question in the comments section below!

What exactly is Modlily?

1 modlily-website

Modlily is an online fashion store. This online fashion store specializes in offering women’s clothes. In other words, you will be able to purchase jumpsuits, tops, dresses, jewelry, swimwear and other fashion apparel out of Modlily.

This online fashion store has been there from the year 2005. Throughout the past few years, it has been able to maintain an excellent reputation as well. Therefore, you don’t need to keep any second thoughts in mind while spending your money to purchase what is offered by Modlily.

The online store has a plus size section as well, including items such as plus size tops, swimwear and dresses.

Item prices

The main reason why women prefer to shop for clothing items on this clothing store is because of the affordable prices. It has earned a lot of reputation as an online marketplace that offers high quality clothing items for the people in need at lower price tags.

You will be able to purchase a women’s dress from Modlily for around $30. In fact, the cheapest dresses are available for you to buy for just $10. If you want to get a better one, you will have to spend around $30. It is applicable for outer wear, jumpsuits and tops as well.

On the other hand, this website is an excellent online marketplace available for purchasing the best quality women’s jewelry as well. A large number of jewelry options, including bracelets, earrings and necklaces are available for you to purchase there.

You will be able to purchase them for between $3 and $10. No jewelry would surpass the $10 mark. Hence, it can be considered as one of the cheapest places to purchase jewelry online.

Women can also shop for affordable swimwear on Modlily. A large number of swimwear options are available on Modlily as well. You will be spending around $20 to purchase swimwear on Modlily. Likewise, you can get scarves, bags and hats on Modlily in between $5 and $50.

It is important to keep in mind that Modlily is not selling any women’s shoes. Apart from shoes, you will be able to buy all the other goods, which would complete the wardrobe of a women out of Modlily.

How will the items be shipped?

1 modlily-review

In most of the instances, Modlily is offering worldwide shipping services. If you can purchase items worth over $15, you will be able to get free shipping.  However, it is also important to understand that the final shipping cost would vary depending on the weight of the order.

If the items are shipped with flat rate shipping, they will come to your doorstep within 15 working days. However, standard shipping is quick, which would take around 8 business days.

If you want the product quick, you can go ahead with expedited shipping. Then you will be able to purchase the goods within 3 to 6 working days.

In addition to that, it will take around 4 days for all the orders to be processed on Modlily as well.

Modlily Review

2 women-clothing-shopping

Modlily is a trendy boutique that offers a broad range of the newest and hottest apparel and accessories for women. Take a look through their latest collection of stylish pieces with a main price point of $25.

Modlily combines affordable prices and trendy styles so that you can get all your closet staples in one place.

Fashion trends come and go everyday, that’s why Modlily is here to help you keep track of the hottest pieces all in one place. Their closet staples range from summer shorts, cute tops, cozy cardigans and much more. Modlily allows you to shop the best in new trendy pieces and everyday staples at affordable prices that can cost as much as $50.

Modlily Products

Dreamy Dresses

11 sexy-dress

sexy pink dressNo woman will need to complain about not having the perfect dress to wear to a special occasion ever again. Modlily has an incredible selection of gorgeously sexy dresses that will satisfy any taste.

There are thousands of dress styles to choose from and the selections range from professional and demure to provocative and glittery. Dresses for proms, formal occasions, and weddings are all priced below $20.

The dress selection features designs that look like they have been ripped from the pages of fashion magazines. The line features mini dresses, maxi dresses, bodycon dresses, bohemian dresses, high-low dresses, sweater dresses, formal dresses, and many more.

Women don’t have to worry about paying designer prices to get the dress of their dreams. Every dress offered by Mod lily comes at an unbelievably affordable price.

Pants and Skirts

12 print-pants

Modlily offers a complete selection of pants and skirts. The styles represent all the biggest trends in today’s fashion world. Woman can choose from skinny jeans, leggings, denim, and professional pants.

The skirt selection features professional attire like pencil skirts and whimsical pieces like flowing satin skirts. Women can also browse a daring selection of jumpsuits and rompers that are in keeping with the latest fashion trends.

A Beautiful Assortment of Shoes

shoes offers shoes galore too. Women can browse a selection of thousands of stunning shoes right at their fingertips. These shoes push the limits of fashion and provide every lady with the chance to feel like a movie star.

There are thousands of exotic styles of pumps just waiting to be discovered by fashion lovers. The retailer offers shoes in nearly every style and color. Women can choose from pumps, ballet flats, boots, sandals, stilettos, gladiator sandals, wedges, and so much more. There is a shoe for every occasion. The prices are simply unbeatable.

Terrific Tops


Modlily has a huge selection of fashionable tops for women. The selection includes t-shirts, blouses, vests, sweaters, and cardigans. The collection features a wide array of fabrics, cuts, and patterns that represent the best of modern fashion. There are hundreds of pieces that cost below $10.


13 green-bikini

A sensational line of swimwear. The collection includes bikinis, monokinis, skirted bathing suits, and traditional bathing suits. There are hundreds of sexy, sultry, and comfortable varieties for shoppers to choose from. Women from every corner of the world buy their bathing suits from, because of the unbeatable selection.

These bathing suits are priced hundreds of dollars less than bathing suits sold at most major retail stores. In addition to swimwear, there is a vast selection of luxurious lingerie and active wear for women to shop from.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry

Women can fill their jewelry box with gorgeous pieces that cost nearly nothing. Modlily offers bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and rings at a fraction of the cost at most major retailers. Nearly every piece is under $5. There are hundreds of pieces of decadent fashion jewelry to choose from.

Women all over the world have discovered Modlily for all of their fashion needs. Modlily is a great place to find sexy dresses, adorable shoes, gorgeous pants, and everything else a woman could want at such affordable prices.

Customer service

You can find an excellent customer support team behind Modlily. If you are having any questions, you can simply get in touch with the customer support team. The customer support team can easily be reached over live chat.

Then you will be able to send out a direct message to the customer support team and get assistance with your issue. Or else, you can even send out direct emails to them.

Coupons and promo codes offered by Modlily

Apart from offering goods at a lower price tag, Modlily offers coupons and promo codes as well. This will help you to purchase what you want at an even low price tag.

3 modlily-website-screenshot-1

You will be able to find the Modlily coupon and promo codes online. Once you discover these codes, all you have to do is to go ahead and apply them on the shopping cart. Then the appropriate discounts will be applied on the shopping cart.

Along with that, you can purchase what you want from Modlily at a lower price tag.


As you can see, Modlily is a great place available for you to shop for what you want at a lower price tag. It is the ultimate online store that women can pick for purchasing their goods. You will fall in love with the amount of money that you can save by purchasing what you want on Modlily. It delivers a high quality online shopping experience.

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